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Jack Swijack Pac

Jack Swijack Pac

Factory steering wheel control module designed for JVC, Alpine, Clarion, and Kenwood radios with the remote jack located on the back of the radio

The SWI-CAN is a necessary interface for vehicles with SWC controls that broadcast on a dual wire CAN bus. This module will interpret CAN bus messages and convert them to an analog output for the SWI-X, SWI-JACK, SWI-ECL/2 or SWI-PS...

The SWI-CAN module must be used with an optional Steering Wheel Interface module like the SWI-X, SWI-ALP, SWI-PS or SWIECL. The C2R-CHY interface module is recommended but is not needed. If you do not need an C2R-CHY interface, you can hard wire the SWI-CAN to any aftermarket vehicle harness...

The SWI-CAN2 Steering Wheel Radio Control Interface is an add-on module that allows you to keep steering wheel controls that use a dual wire CAN bus to control the factory radio. The SWI-CAN2 interprets and converts steering wheel control data to signals the SWI-X, SWI-ECL/2, SWI-JACK and SWI-PS adapters can use to control an aftermarket stereo receiver.

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