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Two Selenium

Two Selenium

* Size: 15" * Power Rating: 800W RMS * Frequency Response: 35-1.5kHz * Sensitivity: 93db * Impedance: 8 ohms * Voice Coil: 4" fiberglass * Resonant Frequency: 37 Hz. * Magnet Weight: 120 oz.

The 18WS600 is specially designed to provide high impact low frequency output in all pro sound applications. May be used with high crossover points due to its smooth, extended midbass response and low distortion...

Made from premium Arlon self adhesive vinyl, these die cut decals can last up to 5-7 years in an outdoor environment without cracking or fading. Cut from a high-end Japanese made Roland cutter using premium materials, these decals will stick to virtually any smooth surface...

Designed to rectify A.C. output current to D.C. voltage. Replaces all selenium (metal plate) and silicon rectifiers. Protects batteries, lights, and complete electrical systems. 12 volt 200 watt (or less)...

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